Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Mornings at the Farmer's Market in Marion Square

What a beautiful Saturday in Charleston!  We had a great time setting up our tables in Marion Square.  Tons of people came out to support the local talent, and our stand was no different!  As people browsed, they munched on fresh, ripe strawberries off of one of our very unique coffee tables.

White washed side table

Kitchen Islander with two shelves

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Landrum Reclaimed Wood Tables

Me and my first big farm table
My tables and stools at Enoteca wine bar on Bogard St.
Enoteca again..
Close-up of stools at Enoteca

Farm Table at Plantation home on Wadmalaw

Huntboard at Scott Antique Market, Atlanta

Recycled wood Farm table and benches at a Plantation in Ace Basin
Reclaimed wood Coffee table / no shelf or taper
Benches at Charleston City Gallery
Closeup of bench

Selection of benches & finishes

Cabinet of recycled pine & oak flooring

White washed coffee table under construction

Coffee table with shelf

Islander with two shelves

White washed bench with patina

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome to Landrum Tables!


Hello! My name is Capers L. Cauthen. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, I’ve spent a lifetime watching the destruction of old buildings and the memories within. As the son of a leading preservationist and curator (Henry F. Cauthen, Jr.), watching people throw out all that wood – and the history it contains – inspired me to start Landrum Tables.

My father passed to me a wealth of information about Charleston architecture and American furniture, and most of the wood I use to create a Landrum Table is from historic Charleston County itself. Every piece of wood I incorporate in my handmade design reveals its origin, personality and age in a thousand tiny ways – from its tool marks and style of construction to the type of wood that was used.

From my first drawings of a 1700’s slab table years ago to my pieces on permanent display at Charleston City Gallery, each design is original and carefully crafted to integrate the qualities and histories of the individual pieces of wood. With my love of both history and the environment, recycling old wood and the memories it contains gives me a sense of pride… it is an opportunity to remember, to preserve, and to showcase our country’s natural beauty and colorful past.

I invite you to discover my other unique pieces, which can be found everywhere from the Marion Square Charleston Farmer’s Market, to Enoteca Wine Bar on Percy St, Two Boroughs Larder on Coming St, Bull Street Gourmet on King St, and Charleston Flower Market on Maybank Hwy.  There are several styles of Landrum Tables, and they can be fitted to any desired size, shape, or stain color.

A true custom table with a heart, a soul, and a memory, Landrum Tables, are a unique way to bring a piece of history into your home and make it your own.

Please email me at or visit my blog at to see examples of what is available.
I look forward to creating for you.